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What helps with bladder problems?

Important points


Incontinence is a feared side effect after prostate surgery.

Lots of drinking

Germs and similar pathogens can be fought by drinking a lot.

Overstretched Bladder

A blockage in the urethra can lead to overstretching of the bladder and bladder wall muscles.


Bladder problems : The classic women's disease has many causes. Sometimes simple rules of conduct help with healing. WOMAN asked.

A few simple things to keep in mind when suffering from bladder problems:  Drink a lot so that germs are flushed out. Cranberry supplements help, but do not replace a visit to the doctor. Pelvic floor training strengthens bladder activity: ten times a day tense the muscle (the one that contracts when you stop the flow of urine) 3 times a day, then relax.

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